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The SomethingJewish Show Playlist for January 28 2007

Posted by Admin on January 28, 2007

Here’s the playlist from our show broadcast on January 28 2007. 

Click on the links provided to either hear the track or find out more about the artist.   

Adir Adrimi by Balkan Beat Box from the album Balkan Beat Box.

Matchmaker Matchmaker by Yidcore from the album The Eighth Day Slice – Fiddlin’ On Ya Roof

Mystical Mood by Ron Wiseman

Sibra by Kletka Red from the album Hijacking.

Marry A Yiddisher Boy by The Premier Quartet from the album Jewface.

Ushti Baba by Golem from the album Fresh Off Boat

Gey Nisht Avek by Zionlight.

Insecure by Omri Levy from the album Swim.

Hicaz Mandra by Shtreiml from the album Fenci’s Blues.

Kiddush Le-Shabbat by Wally Brill from the album The Covenant.


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